Pinnacle: Dealer Management Software

Pinnacle is the proven solution for driving dealership profitability

Pinnacle is a dealer management system designed around modern processes using the latest technologies, combining ease of use with premium capabilities. Pinnacle is continuously enhanced with new and innovative ways to improve the customer experience. Pinnacle is a fully-integrated DMS that can flexibly accommodate dealers from the largest multi-franchise groups to single-site dealerships. This is supported by the strong relationships Pinewood have built with manufacturers to support their particular IT requirements. Unlike traditional DMS systems, Pinnacle can change shape as the needs of the business change. Our approach is to provide a simple and all-inclusive solution that provides value by being fully integrated without the need for costly specialist software.

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Focus: Why Pinewood?

We challenge conventional thinking with proven success at every turn. Our customers are better equipped and so are more competitive within their market.

We provide the latest system, updated in bite-sized chunks every two weeks, with a range of new market-leading tools that would otherwise need third-party involvement focused on reducing wastage associated to process inefficiency, finding new ways of delivering via digital channels.

All this for a monthly fee that has not been increased for over a decade.

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