Month: July 2012

Integration with Microsoft Outlook included in latest version of Pinewood’s Pinnacle

Integration with the Microsoft Outlook calendar is the key feature of a new release of Pinewood’s Pinnacle dealer management software

The enhancement – thought to be unique in the DMS sector – means that events planned in each dealer’s Outlook calendar are now viewable in the Pinnacle diary while customer events booked in Pinnacle will also prompt reminders in Outlook.

The integration also means that dealers can manage Pinnacle appointment details and reminders on mobile devices such as smartphones, as well as iPads and other tablets.

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Promoted posts provide dealers with greater social media opportunities

A new advertising based service introduced by Facebook provides dealers with a cost-effective route to engaging potential customers, says dealer management software specialist Pinewood

“Promoted posts”? allow dealers to boost their regular content delivery and ensure it is seen by more of their fans with spending only comparatively small amounts in advertising.

Typically, promoted posts appear on a dealer’s fan newsfeed at any point over a three day period instead of normal posts which are specifically shown at the time of posting. The new method substantially increases the opportunity of the content being read, liked, shared and commented upon.

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