Month: September 2012

“Relevance and Timing” to drive business results from Twitter

Dealers need their Twitter activity to be based on “relevance and timing” if they are to use the social media channel to drive business results.

Dealer management software specialist Pinewood says that success will come from carefully matching the content of tweets to customer and business needs, and then by sending them at a time when they are most likely to be read.

Pinewood marketing executive Chris Caines said: “From our contact with dealers, we can see that their use of Twitter is generally increasing and that it appears to be helping in areas such as customer retention.

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New arrival of 4G phone networks set to boost motor dealer mobile activity

The arrival of new 4G mobile phone networks in the UK before the end of this year is set to provide a boost to the capabilities of dealer mobile web sites.

Dealer management software specialist Pinewood says that the technology – which can be up to seven times faster than existing 3G – will allow dealers to add a range of additional services, notably much improved video performance.

Managing director Neville Briggs said: “While the roll-out of 4G is likely to take some time and users will need new smartphones to access the networks, we expect dealers to soon start taking advantage of the added speed available.

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What should dealers consider when changing their DMS?

Our key advice when buying a DMS is to avoid compromise, and buy for tomorrows needs not just todays.

1. What are the key issues that dealers should consider when changing their DMS?

There are the needs of the dealer, the requirements of the manufacturer and the wishes of the customer. The interests of all three parties must be considered. Manufacturers will have minimum standards for their dealers however these will change and the system will need to be able to accommodate these changes without expensive upgrades.

Customers have a choice and an increasing emphasis must be placed on the attraction and retention of customers, the DMS plays a significant role in this from ease of doing business at the service desk, online interaction and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

What can the DMS supplier offer you in terms of innovation and how will the system keep fresh, how often is the system updated with enhancements and will there be a cost. In today’s world mobile phones, PCs and even cars get regular software updates usually without charge.

2. What are the major pitfalls to avoid?

There is no point in simply replicating an old out of date system, a new DMS is an opportunity for a fresh start, dealers need to see the DMS as an enabler for their business rather than a must have back office system.  A new DMS must bring something different not simply meet the minimum requirements at the cheapest cost.

3. What advice would you offer to dealers when changing their system?

Talk to and visit dealers who are using the systems you are considering, whilst this may be a time consuming exercise the real world experiences will be invaluable.

Our key advice when buying a DMS is to avoid compromise, and buy for tomorrows needs not just todays.

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