Month: June 2020

Pinewood Release Online Payments for Service Work

Pinewood have introduced a new online payment feature in the workshop, enabling customers to pay for their service work before collecting their car.

Recent events have made it clear how important it is to have a system that adapts to changing circumstances and embraces the digital era. Always looking to make sure that their customers have all the tools they need, Pinewood noticed a big difference between dealerships and the rest of the retail sector.

“If you think of common bookings you might make – for example, plane, train and cinema tickets – you can just book and pay online and you’re done. Automotive retail shouldn’t be any different or any more difficult. Our new online payment solution helps to provide a hassle-free and modern customer experience.” Neville Briggs, Managing Director at Pinewood.

Using a proven and secure online payment solution, dealers can now offer their customers the ability to pay their service invoices online before collection. The Barclays EPDQ solution is fully integrated with Pinewood DMS, once the customer pays on the portal, the money is directed straight to the dealer’s bank account and appears in the DMS Accounts module. Barclays EPDQ accepts all major debit and credit cards, including PayPal, to make it even easier for dealers to receive payments.

Alongside the suite of mobile apps, online booking and digital documents, online payments in the workshop completes the no-contact collect and deliver cycle. Gone are the days of multiple customers waiting in the dealership for their vehicles. The customer can book their service in on the website, the vehicle is picked up by a member of staff and the job progress tracker tells the customer exactly what stage the vehicle is at while it’s in the workshop.

“It’s a challenging time for our industry and dealers are looking for ways to keep their staff and customers safe alongside making a profit. Adding online payments to our already digital and paperless system, gives our customers the edge that will set them apart from the rest.” says Briggs.

COVID Support Final Roundup

Over the past few weeks, we have been highlighting handy features in Pinewood DMS that can help dealers limit physical contact, contact the right customers and look good doing it. Let’s take a look at everything we covered.

Remember, everything can be set up using the COVID section in our Support Portal, or contacting our team at


Check out the dedicated COVID section in our Support Portal including guides and videos. Any questions? Our Support team are always happy to help: Want to stay updated? Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and LinkedIn!

Top tips for Pinewood DMS customers – Week 2!

This week we have more handy tools to help you stick to social distancing guidelines. Here at Pinewood, we want to support you in any way we can. Don’t forget about the dedicated section in our Support Portal including guides and videos. Let’s take a look at what we covered this week.

Electronic Invoices

Viruses can live on paper, reduce physical contact and cut costs by sending email invoices to your customers in Pinewood DMS. The days for printing invoices are over.

Parts Pre-Picking

Keep your technicians and parts staff safe, limit queuing at the back counter. In Pinewood DMS you can pre-pick your parts for the day and set them out next to the correct workstations.

Personalised Videos

All you need is Pinewood DMS, a car to sell, a phone or tablet and a friendly face! Download Stock+ today and send personalised videos to your customers.

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Learn where you want, when you want with Pinewood DMS eLearning. Including a range of videos and quizzes to get you up to scratch on all of the modules important to you. Find out more

Check out the dedicated COVID section in our Support Portal including guides and videos. Any questions? Our Support team are always happy to help: . Want to stay updated? Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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