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22% post online comments about their dealership experience

If 1 in 5 interactions lead to an online review, do you know your customer’s opinions before they publicly review you? Does your DMS provide you with the tools to manage this?

Reviews influence purchase decisions
From the consideration of different brands and models, to conversion at brand and dealership levels. This isn’t anything new.

As trust in review content increases and technology enables more shoppers to contribute online, the modern dealership cannot afford to ignore online conversations. * Study – 6 May 2013

Social media has enabled easy sharing of this content. A positive manufacturer campaign can create consideration for a specific model, but a negative dealership review, if widely circulated, can determine whether that brand/model is disregarded and which dealership they choose to deal with.

Pinnacle can help simplify the process of customer reputation management with many different built-in free-to-use tools, such as:

  • Electronic CSI
    Pinnacle users set up various contact plans within their DMS allowing the system to automatically send out an electronic CSI to a customer after they’ve dealt with the dealership, such as a new purchase or workshop visit. Capturing their feedback at the first possible instance gives the dealership the opportunity to deal with any possible negative feedback and often negates any public negative reviews.
  • Social CRM
    As more consumers continue to use social media as a form of communication our CRM profiling is geared around understanding the online social life of your customers. If a customer has tweeted something, for example, you’re aware of this each time they return to the dealership, giving you a great opportunity to closely manage their relationship and experience.
  • Customer Concerns Management
    If a letter of complaint is received, or a below-threshold CSI score is received, an alert is processed as a concern in Pinnacle, giving our customers the opportunity to address issues and restore confidence in the dealership. Many users have found that close management of this process has turned negative opinions into online positive reviews… “we had a problem but they sorted it all out…
    By managing your reputation and utilising tools which maximise the ability to resolve and be aware of negative customer experiences, your dealership will stand a greater chance of capturing and servicing a greater proportion of your market.

Pinnacle provides its users with a vast array of functionality; from a meeter greeter iPad app, integrated VHC and our Facebook used stock app, to name but a few.

Pinnacle users enjoy bi-weekly free of charge updates providing them with the latest innovation. Does your DMS give you the tools you need?

To find out more, click on our Pinnacle section to see how our DMS can help your business.

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