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Advice to help dealers get the most from Facebook

Eight simple suggestions to help dealers get the best results out of Facebook have been released by dealer management software specialist Pinewood

The company added a Facebook integration tool to its Pinnacle DMS in January and these ideas are those that it has found most effective in its work with dealers.

Pinewood marketing executive Chris Caines said: “Many dealers understandably feel a little out of their depth with Facebook because using it in a business context is a new experience for them but following these guidelines can help them onto the right path.

“Certainly, we now have a small but growing number of dealers who are successfully using Facebook to help them capture more business and build their brand”

The ideas are:

Post regularly – but don’t spam

  • It is a fine balance but you must ensure that your activity is frequent without being annoying. Updates once or twice a day with single messages are fine as long as they are relevant. However, if something special is going on, such as an event or model launch, you may consider messaging more often.

Do something different

  • Make your Facebook activity stand out. For example, very few brands are using the pin function that enable posts to stay at the top of pages or the highlight tool that simply makes your post bigger.

Change your imagery

  • The first thing that Facebook users notice is imagery – make sure that you change your cover and profile pictures regularly.

Consolidate your apps

  • Make sure that any apps that you are using within Facebook are actually contributing to your activity. Decide what is important and what isn’t. YouTube? Twitter feed? If they are not working for your, get rid of them.

Watch out for messaging

  • If you enable messaging on your Facebook page, you need to be committed enough to check at intervals during the day in order to respond in a timely fashion. If you can’t, turn it off.

Recognise your fans

  • If someone takes the time to become a fan of your page, you should recognise them. You must bear in mind that all your content should be designed for syndication if you want to continually improve the experience of your community.

Rearrange your apps

  • Make sure the most important apps on your page are easily identifiable and selected. People are unlikely to click through if doing so is difficult.

Drive inbound enquiries

  • Remember that Facebook is a functional sales tool. Underlying all your activity should be a desire to drive activity, whether that means web visits, e-mails or phone calls.

Pinewood’s free Facebook plug-in can be added to each dealer’s company fan page so that their social audience are able to easily view used vehicle stock, with all inbound enquiries appearing instantly in Pinewood’s Pinnacle DMS.

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