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Pinewood renew Microsoft Partner status with five gold and three silver competencies

Leading DMS provider Pinewood have again gained multiple competencies as part of their on-going commitment to delivering the highest quality solutions.

Neville Briggs, Managing Director said, “Gold competencies are only awarded to software companies that can prove a high level of competence for their people, processes and services. It is estimated that only 1% of all partners have a single gold competency, so we are immensely proud that we have been awarded with five, as well as three silver competencies”.

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“Next-gen” dealer management systems are already here, and are consumer focused

In response to the recently published article; Next-gen dealer management systems need to be more consumer focused

We agree that the DMS requirements identified in this article represent the focus dealerships require to remain competitive and service their customers appropriately. Although the lack of this functionality is true of the DMS market in general, we’re delighted that our DMS, Pinnacle, covers each and every point made. We are somewhat surprised that it would be potentially perceived as the ‘future’ of DMS. Simply put, “Next-gen” dealer management systems are already here, and are consumer focused – in the form of Pinnacle.

Our approach is one that is entirely customer-centric. We have always approached DMS functionality as the digitalisation of logical interactions between a dealership and their customer; interpreting and visualising in the form of reportable and actionable data. If we can find out how the customer feels about their recent visit, we can provide dealerships with the tools to tailor their response, and enhance the customer’s experience. The expectations of customers are continually evolving and they expect to be able to interact in new ways with any business.

Pinnacle will perform tasks that will touch the customer at various points, both directly and indirectly. A showroom representative, for example, can meet and greet a returning customer using our fully integrated iPad app, noting their recent tweets, Facebook posts and other social media interactions. Multiple process triggers seek to find out the level of satisfaction the customer has – be it from a new vehicle purchase or workshop visit – all of which are fed back into the customer record as well as being flagged to the appropriate dealership personnel. A customer can book their service online, providing them with live availability from the sites Workshop diary, and can even wait in the dealership and view live progress updates of the work being carried out on their vehicle. Pinnacle displays available stock on a dealerships Facebook page, handles internet enquiries from various sources, and will automatically process a service contact plan for each customer.

Our DMS is rich in industry-leading functionality, and in many instances is unique in what we provide. Our system is updated every two weeks, free of charge – it evolves based on the needs of our customers and their customers.

We’re pushing the boundaries of what is available in DMS. The next-gen DMS is already here. Our interpretation of what is truly next-gen is really exciting.

Changing how DMS is used forever

Industry first from Pinewood gives dealers the ability to actively enhance their social strategy directly within Pinnacle DMS

To mark their 24th Free feature release of this year so far, Pinewood have provided dealerships with a CRM module that has a stronger focus on customers use of social networking, and the benefits this could bring to the activity of the dealership.

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