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What should dealers consider when changing their DMS?

Our key advice when buying a DMS is to avoid compromise, and buy for tomorrows needs not just todays.

1. What are the key issues that dealers should consider when changing their DMS?

There are the needs of the dealer, the requirements of the manufacturer and the wishes of the customer. The interests of all three parties must be considered. Manufacturers will have minimum standards for their dealers however these will change and the system will need to be able to accommodate these changes without expensive upgrades.

Customers have a choice and an increasing emphasis must be placed on the attraction and retention of customers, the DMS plays a significant role in this from ease of doing business at the service desk, online interaction and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

What can the DMS supplier offer you in terms of innovation and how will the system keep fresh, how often is the system updated with enhancements and will there be a cost. In today’s world mobile phones, PCs and even cars get regular software updates usually without charge.

2. What are the major pitfalls to avoid?

There is no point in simply replicating an old out of date system, a new DMS is an opportunity for a fresh start, dealers need to see the DMS as an enabler for their business rather than a must have back office system.  A new DMS must bring something different not simply meet the minimum requirements at the cheapest cost.

3. What advice would you offer to dealers when changing their system?

Talk to and visit dealers who are using the systems you are considering, whilst this may be a time consuming exercise the real world experiences will be invaluable.

Our key advice when buying a DMS is to avoid compromise, and buy for tomorrows needs not just todays.

Updated Pinewood iPad app designed to improve customer experience

Manufacturers and franchise dealers could be set to embrace online channels for aftersales as a means to increase both sales and brand awareness.

Introduced last August, the iPad app allows dealers to access key customer information stored on their Pinewood Pinnacle dealer management system without having to sit down at a desktop PC or laptop, creating a new level of freedom.

The new version improves the way in which the app handles the customer greeting and check-in process at a dealership, creating a much stronger impression during each visit.

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New single screen view gives dealers snapshot of their entire workshop

A new single screen view has been added to Pinewood’s Pinnacle dealer management software enabling dealers to see a real-time snapshot of progress across their entire workshop

The Job Status Report provides workshop managers with a traffic light based visual of the status of all the vehicles and service and repair jobs currently underway.

Provided free of charge, the report then allows workshop managers to drill down to a wide range of job, customer or vehicle related information, freeing up service advisor time.

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Promoted posts provide dealers with greater social media opportunities

A new advertising based service introduced by Facebook provides dealers with a cost-effective route to engaging potential customers, says dealer management software specialist Pinewood

“Promoted posts”? allow dealers to boost their regular content delivery and ensure it is seen by more of their fans with spending only comparatively small amounts in advertising.

Typically, promoted posts appear on a dealer’s fan newsfeed at any point over a three day period instead of normal posts which are specifically shown at the time of posting. The new method substantially increases the opportunity of the content being read, liked, shared and commented upon.

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Real value of integrated DMS functionality – core features delivering profitability

Profitability becomes much easier when you partner with a DMS that gives you the tools your dealership needs

Benefits of core DMS functionality

We’d all agree that manufacturer-fitted Sat Nav with Bluetooth integration is better than sticking a retrofit device in the windscreen and a headset plugged into your ear. The same applies to DMS.

Third-party functionality only serves a purpose when your DMS is failing to provide you with the right tools to serve the demands of your customer. But they’re not joined up. They simply work on their own.

Imagine everything working as one – in your DMS. Pinnacle customers experience this every day in their dealerships. It’s not just joined up functionality, it’s joined up thinking.

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New changes make Facebook more dealer friendly

Changes to Facebook just announced make the social network easier and more effective to use for dealers, says dealer management software specialist Pinewood

Added functionality allows dealers to schedule status and content updates on their pages in advance. By simply clicking on the clock symbol and setting a future time, dealers will be able to plan communications in advance.

Additional functionality has been also added to the administration controls, allowing various access rights or roles to be granted for different users such as manager, content creator, moderator and advertiser. This makes defining the responsibilities of administering the page across different job roles within a dealership much easier.

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Advice to help dealers get the most from Facebook

Eight simple suggestions to help dealers get the best results out of Facebook have been released by dealer management software specialist Pinewood

The company added a Facebook integration tool to its Pinnacle DMS in January and these ideas are those that it has found most effective in its work with dealers.

Pinewood marketing executive Chris Caines said: “Many dealers understandably feel a little out of their depth with Facebook because using it in a business context is a new experience for them but following these guidelines can help them onto the right path.

“Certainly, we now have a small but growing number of dealers who are successfully using Facebook to help them capture more business and build their brand”

The ideas are:

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Pinewood issues new dealer guidance on social media problems

New guidance for dealers on how to handle “problem” social media comments has been issued by dealer management software specialist Pinewood.

The company says that, in its dialogues with dealers, the prospect of how to deal with unwanted comments is the one that makes dealers most wary of social media.

Pinewood marketing executive Chris Caines said: “Many dealers are, quite naturally, worried about what might be said about their products and services on the kind of open, sometimes anonymous, forums that social media provides.

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Jump in stamp prices should cement dealer switch to electronic communication

The rise in price of a first class stamp from 46 pence to 60 means all dealers should complete a switch to newer forms of customer communication, says dealer management software specialist Pinewood

The company points out that a gradual shift from to e-mail and text as the prime method of proactive customer contact, especially for marketing purposes, has been underway for more than a decade but that many dealers still use traditional postal communication.

Neville Briggs, managing director, explained that the stamp price increase, together with the associated costs of production, could have potentially make post redundant for almost all dealer to customer communications.

He explained: “Many dealers have maintained traditional mail alongside newer forms of communication for a number of reasons.  For a start, systems have needed to change to encourage e-mail address capture while customers needed a reason to volunteer their e-mail addresses without fear of simply being bombarded with mailshots. However, dealers should now have compiled solid databases.”

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Dealers need to take more accurate approach to calculating DMS costs, says Pinewood

Dealers are frequently underestimating the true cost of their dealer management system, particularly when trying to compare one provider with another

DMS specialist Pinewood says there are three elements to cost that should be considered:

  • Firstly, capital outlay and ongoing maintenance paid to your DMS provider
  • Secondly, additional software or services which may be needed because they are not included in your particular DMS
  • And thirdly, further manpower and other costs that may result from having to adopt those additional software or services

Managing director Neville Briggs explained that the issue of accurate cost calculation was important because it allowed dealers to calculate whether their existing or potential new DMS was providing a worthwhile return on investment.

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