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Pinewood Welcomes 15 New Placement Students

Pinewood Technologies welcomes 15 talented university students to their 2022 hybrid placement scheme – starting their journey as Pinewood’s next generation of DMS experts.

With almost a decade of experience nurturing talent through their Early Careers schemes – enlisting the help of returning graduates, leaders, and mentors – this year’s programme will equip students with the skills to fuel a long-lasting career in the DMS business.

Kiran Kundra, Talent Management Leader at Pinewood, explains –

“Our placement scheme has produced some of our most valued team members. With almost 1,000 applicants this year, it’s key we select the candidates who best fit our business, both in skillset and outlook. We want people who share our drive from the onset, supporting our growth in markets across the globe.”

Training: day one to DMS expert:

Software students will receive an intensive training boot camp with technical masterclasses and training sessions. This will prepare them for the exciting journey of becoming fully-fledged software developers. Next, they’ll be assigned to a team and given real DMS projects to work on with the support of a mentor.

Similarly, business students will undergo an action-packed induction, quickly learning the system through eLearning and on-the-job training in the Customer Support team. They’ll have a checklist to complete, which includes regular presentations and demonstrating areas of the DMS. The students will then rotate through multiple business areas, gaining valuable experience.

Kundra explains –

“This year we invested a lot of time in improving our placement schemes. We’ve made it more goal-oriented to help students get the most out of their journey. Students will be working across different teams, working on new projects, and taking them out of their comfort zone. We want them to learn and acquire valuable life and business skills so they can spend more time working on real projects and adding value to their teams.”

Fuelling the future:

The next 12 months pose an exciting period for Pinewood’s latest recruits.

The scheme will fast-track their learning, equipping students with the automotive experience and technical skills they need to excel. Successful students will be offered a full-time position upon completion of their degree. Since 2018, over 73% of Pinewood’s placement students have received an offer to return. This has contributed to the rapid growth of the DMS business, as it continues to expand into new markets worldwide.

Pinewood Sponsors Birmingham Open Hack 2020

Pinewood Technologies proudly sponsored the Birmingham Open Hack event which took place this weekend, challenging students from Birmingham City University to an online hackathon. Students put their technical skills to the test in a competitive 48-hour online challenge, with other major sponsors including IBM, Santander and Microsoft. Pinewood were impressed by the passion, commitment and technical skills displayed, Katrina McTernan, Early Careers Recruiter at Pinewood explains:

“It was inspiring to see such energy from the next generation of our tech community – these students have set the benchmark, giving us a clear picture of the level of talent we can expect to be joining our teams in the near future.”

Pinewood’s challenge was to develop a Microsoft Teams Bot for remote classrooms, allowing teachers to create flash cards and questions to present to students, returning results back to the teacher. Pinewood were impressed by efforts from all candidates, viewing the hackathon with fantastic potential to bring new talent into their software teams. Katrina discusses:

“We invest a lot in early careers, hiring up to 20 Computer Science Graduates and Undergraduates each year to grow the best talent. Being involved in events like Birmingham Open Hack allows us to scout out new talent, it’s great to see so many students showing an interest in development beyond their course of study.”

Pinewood are recruiting developers to join their team, with roles for Placement Students, Graduates and Senior Developers. Birmingham Open Hack offered students the opportunity to get involved in simulation projects, gaining valuable experience and the chance to get noticed. Pinewood are keen to chat further with those who made an impression and look forward to meeting more tech-enthusiasts at future events.

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