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Changing how DMS is used forever

Industry first from Pinewood gives dealers the ability to actively enhance their social strategy directly within Pinnacle DMS

To mark their 24th Free feature release of this year so far, Pinewood have provided dealerships with a CRM module that has a stronger focus on customers use of social networking, and the benefits this could bring to the activity of the dealership.

Neville Briggs, Managing Director said, “We’re really excited to become the first DMS to include this level of social media inspired content. Pinnacle is constantly evolving to suit the needs of the market”?

He continued, “We envisage that these new changes will start to become an integral data source in understanding and meeting the requirements of today’s customers and prospects”.

Pinnacle’s CRM offering now provides enhanced customer records featuring customer’s social media details, such as their Twitter handle, Facebook URL, personal blog URL, and many more. Dealers are then able to click through to view the customer social presence and utilise the additional information presented through these channels in various ways.

Briggs continued, “social networking is becoming increasingly accepted as a ‘normal’ channel for communication between consumers and businesses. In socially enabling our DMS we are providing dealers with an easy access to influential pieces of information that can determine how connected and competitive the dealership is.”

Twelve months ago Pinewood provided all their customers an opportunity to post Used Vehicle Stock to their Facebook fan page through Pinnacle’s free Facebook app, with the ability for enquiry handling, all automatically managed in the background.

Briggs concluded “the system that our customers bought ten years ago has evolved beyond recognition, but the price has not changed. We’re proud to be able to provide bi-weekly feature releases and updates to keep our customers competitive and profitable.”

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