We have years of experience developing strategic and operational partnerships to help deliver the maximum value in Pinewood DMS. In addition to extensive manufacturer specific integration, Pinewood DMS can offer many integrated features to retailers designed to make your business run more efficiently.

The below UK service partners have been selected to help us deliver a complete system experience within Pinewood DMS and ultimately deliver process efficiencies for our customers.

CAP Logo

Risk management data

“Trusted by motor trade professionals for more than 30 years, you can be sure our accurate pricing and technical information is the best that there is”


Vehicle verification data

“…offering a huge breadth and depth of data and insight, on everything from vehicle information to market trends”

AUTOi Logo

Digital vehicle appraisals

“…created a system that puts detail, transparency and auditability into one of the most fundamental parts of automotive retailing.”

Royal Mail Logo

Postcode lookup service

“…latest, most accurate UK address data at your disposal. It can save you time and money, and enhance your brand experience.”

BCA logo

Digital vehicle appraisals

“…technical and logistics services for new vehicles, refurbishment, storage and logistics for the growing used sector and the core remarketing and auction operation”

hpi logo

Vehicle verification data

“…we are relentless in our mission to gather the most accurate information about the history of UK vehicles.”

GForces Logo

E-commerce website platform

“…helps automotive retailers and manufacturers meet the challenge of delivering to today’s connected consumer”

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