Business Intelligence

Data Management

Analyse data and present actionable information, supporting executives and managers to reach more informed business decisions.

Enterprise Level Reporting

Data intelligence is compiled across all modules of the DMS, providing a complete and comprehensive view of your business.

Process Led

The data you see uses the same names and descriptions you find in the DMS, making it intuitive to get to the information you want.

Cut & Slice Data

Personalise the way you generate reports. Create bespoke combinations of charts and tables, analysing different module areas.

Your data, your way

Pinewood DMS’ Business Intelligence platform presents you with a single version of the truth, analysing data from across your business, supporting you to make critical business decisions.

Get started with our suite of recommended reports, or delve further into your data by creating your own bespoke charts and tables, combining information from all modules of the DMS. This empowers users to see the impact of their decisions and adjust their chosen strategies to deliver the desired results.

Access to data remains strictly within the control of your business.

Business Intelligence
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