Card Payments

Efficient Accounting

Supports PIN and customer not present verification to reduce card transaction costs from the bank.


Accept card payments via our Pay+ app, directly into Pinewood DMS, for an integrated Point of Sale experience.

Security Accreditation

Fully PCI-DSS P2PE accredited solution, providing a secure platform for taking payments.


Built on a platform that has been running for over a decade, processing billions of pounds of turnover.

Modern, convenient and efficient payment processing

Pinewood DMS provides a modern and efficient payment processing platform for your customers, enabling them to pay for vehicle deposits, workshop jobs, front counter parts and more, using our ‘Pay+’ card payment app. Pay+ is available with all major UK acquirers, through Verifone’s Payware Ocius platform, using Verifone’s VX680 terminals.

Pinewood DMS supports Verifone’s wireless chip and PIN devices, enabling card payments to be taken from any location within the dealership. This means you may require fewer chip and PIN devices for your dealership in total, resulting in a more effective utilisation of devices.

Pay+ only authorises users to make refunds back to the original card, from which the payment was taken from, reducing the likelihood of fraud for dealers.

Pinewood is currently the only DMS provider in the UK to offer an integrated card payment facility.

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