Multi-Dimensional Accounts

Centralised accounting structure

Multi-dimensional accounting provides flexibility in cost analysis and reporting, reshaping processes and streamlining costs for dealer groups.

Boost operational efficiency

Information is easily accessible at both transaction level and cost centre, reducing the number of reports and reconciliations required.

Enterprise level cost savings

Free members of the accounts team from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus their time on other areas where they can add value.

Internal trading made easier

With dealer groups moving more vehicles than ever, paperwork and cash movements can be eliminated, simplifying processes.

Significant cost-savings in accounts

Pinewood DMS’ multi-dimensional accounting feature allows dealer groups to reshape their accounting structure into a single view, providing greater transparency between locations and the centre.

With single sales and purchase ledgers across the businesses, aged debt can be easily identified and analysed, making it easier to recognise areas at risk. Credit control is also simplified, due to all relevant information being held in one place. Supplier accounts can be merged across a number of businesses, meaning there will be fewer touch points required for suppliers, aiding a quicker resolution of issues and more controlled payment runs.

Parts movements between locations become easier, eliminating the need for sales or purchase transactions. Workshop staff also benefit from improved efficiency, as vehicle preparation requests can be managed across multiple workshops.

Through rethinking accounting processes, we have enabled dealers to achieve hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of savings in a matter of months.

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