Outlook Integration

Link Outlook to Pinnacle CRM Records

Pinnacle to Outlook

Calendar entries and emails sent from Pinnacle appear within Outlook. Any changes are automatically synchronised via your Exchange server

Outlook to Pinnacle

Similarly, any changes made in Outlook or emails sent from outlook appear within Pinnacle under the specific user linked to their Exchange account

Automatically Updated

The process happens in the background automatically without any batch upload or download delays

Multiple Devices

As your devices are linked via one single Exchange user ID you can make changes on your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or web account

Manage your sales activity with Outlook Integration

Pinnacle is synced with Outlook, giving your sales executives the ability to automatically link their Outlook contacts with the CRM diary. Customer records are automatically updated following any inbound or outbound email activity, ensuring contact history is constantly up-to-date within your CRM database.

Pinnacle combines and records diary appointments from across devices, providing greater transparency of customer communications and enhanced manageability for sales executives. Set reminders from your Outlook diary based on appointments created.

Pinnacle’s Outlook Integration combines and updates your diary contacts across all devices.

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Work from multiple devices, managing sales activity efficiently, without duplication. Our solution allows you to access CRM information across all devices and intuitively exchanges information to and from Pinnacle.

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Contact information, such as name, email, postal address, and your customers LinkedIn profile image are interlinked with Pinnacle – seamlessly updating your CRM records.

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Customer Contact History

Email communications are automatically added to the customer record as a contact history entry. This presents full details of the email, with attachments, for you and your colleagues to review.

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