SMS Integration

Selection Driven

Run a selection of marketing targets and bulk send campaigns to these individuals, all based on specific criteria.

Two Way

Once you’ve sent an message any responses are automatically logged against their record, so you can easily hold a conversation.


If you’d like to review the conversations that have taken place with a customer they are easily accessible and fully transparent.

Cost Effective

A cheap way to communicate with your customers. Bulk buying of text message credits further reduces this cost.

Send and receive text messages

SMS is a quick and cost effective method of making contact with your customers and SMS responses ensure you always capture and can respond to any replies.

Fully integrated

Integrated text messaging allows the dealer to send ad-hoc SMS messages to the customer as well as automated messaging such as booking confirmations, booking reminders, notifications of vehicle ready for collection. SMS Responses may be used to capture customer replies; all SMS’s sent and received will be recorded permanently in the CRM contact history. SMS Mailshots can also be generated through Pinewood DMS for selective marketing campaigns.

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