Personalised Video

Send personalised videos from your phone or tablet. Easily add branded intro and outro clips.

Send directly

Send videos to customers directly by SMS or email and view GDPR preferences.


Capture, store and categorise documents for future reference.

Background Replacement

Get picture-perfect images for your ads. Replace the background on your photos easily in Stock+.

The smarter way to sell and manage stock

The multi-platform app helps you to sell and manage your vehicle stock in three useful ways. Respond to customers with personalised videos, quickly and efficiently update stock information and store vehicle documentation for future reference – all straight from your mobile device.

Our mobile stocktake feature helps you track and locate stock. Verify the location of a vehicle – capturing the GPS coordinates along with an audit trail of time, date, and user – all visible within the DMS. You can scan a VIN or search for a vehicle manually by entering the VIN or vehicle registration, helping to speed up your stocktake.

Respond to enquiries with personalised video

  • Save salespeople time and increase the likelihood of converting enquiries into sales.
  • Send prospective customers a video of vehicles they’re interested in, highlighting any areas of particular interest.
  • Conveniently send from your phone by email or SMS.
  • View customers’ GDPR contact preferences.

Keep vehicle stock information up to date

  • Easily post eye-catching, informative vehicle content to your website.
  • Add videos and images to stock cards directly from your phone and your website will automatically sync.
  • Record multiple clips, re-order and stitch them together. e.g. add intro and outro clips to reflect the branding of your dealership.
  • Add information about fitted optional extras.
  • Upload photos and videos straight to AutoTrader, making your listings stand out.

View and store vehicle and customer documents

  • View documents, including vehicle appraisals, MOT certificates and registration documents.
  • Capture and upload vehicle documents directly from your device, making them instantly available to access in both Pinewood DMS and Stock+.
  • Assign categories e.g. insurance, finance etc.
  • Remove the hassle of uploading documents from your PC.

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