Tyre Hotel

Manage your customers tyre storage

Manage your tyre storage and servicing business in the DMS, generating additional revenue for your dealership.

Conveniently store tyre details

Integrated tyre catalogue enables you to efficiently store tyre details, such as the brand and size.

Attach custom checklists to inspections

Attach custom checklists to inspections for your technicians, enabling them to identify wear and tear.

Produce summary sheets, labels and contracts

Generate summary sheets and labels for technicians, through to producing contracts for customers.

Uncover extra profit sources with tyre storage

Encouraging your customers to switch to winter tyres presents revenue-generating opportunities through tyre storage, tyre sales and cross-selling, resulting from seeing your customers more frequently.

Manage your tyre storage and servicing business entirely within the DMS. From producing the contract for your customer, to generating all associated documentation and labelling, through to printing the invoice and handling the billing process for the storage service – all through a seamless process.

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