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DMS: Take a step back and evaluate the potential

Dealership leaders using Pinnacle DMS are increasingly trialling new approaches to traditional business processes thanks to the range of new functions the system continues to deliver.

Every two-weeks Pinewood provides a refreshed and updated version of their Pinnacle system, free-of-charge, and each time unveil a new set of standard tools for dealerships to test in their business. These new functions, integrated throughout the dealer management system, soon become standard tools across the business and help the dealership to better serve their customers.

Neville Briggs, Pinewood Managing Director said, “Pinnacle is an ever-evolving system, and our development is closely matched to be able to assist with ever-changing customer requirements. There’s more to this than just functionality”.

Briggs continued “Beyond the obvious ‘it now does this’, Pinnacle users are increasingly able to take a step back and evaluate how their business runs, and how Pinnacle can assist them in maximising profit opportunities, customer retention and enhanced customer service. Often, it leads to a change in approach, with incredible results”.

By providing easy to use functionality, in a simple familiar working environment, technology adoption is extremely high. With additional tasks maintained and completed in the background, the requirement for human involvement is lessened, and provides additional opportunity to optimise business processes and approached.

“Many dealerships have re-evaluated, for example, how they incentivise their staff and have introduced new bonus structures for exceeding targets in turning identified work into completed work. The contribution VHC now makes to dealership profitability is made possible by the technology, and in turn is a new area for dealerships to reallocate human resource to. Without Pinnacle enabling this the opportunity would simply be less than it currently is” Briggs remarked.

Fully integrated VHC has been available in Pinnacle for many years now, and as with every piece of new functionality, is provided free of charge.

Briggs concluded “by negating the pressures expensive third-party add-ons have on the potential success of new technology, and by providing market-proven solutions before any other DMS, Pinnacle gives our users the opportunity to approach their business differently, and extend their market competitive advantage.”

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