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Drive workshop profits and get your team on their A-game

As business costs continue to soar and more drivers turn to electric vehicles, retailers should re-evaluate the tools in their dealer management system to boost workshop profits.

Those who are proactive in adopting the latest features, apps and system updates are seeing significant results – from process efficiencies to driving extra revenue…

Plan ahead and boost productivity

Most workshops service multiple brands, vehicle types, and fuel categories – often requiring specific technician skillsets for each. It’s key that service teams have access to a system that helps maximise productivity when planning workloads. A DMS should provide total visibility of upcoming jobs and requirements so the service team can schedule ahead and fill their workshop. Using a system with intuitive diary management means dealers can book more jobs and ultimately boost revenue.

Pinewood DMS helps Workshop Managers make more of Technicians’ productive hours. Using the built-in drag-and-drop planner, they can allocate jobs to each Technician – matching job requirements to skillsets and filling more available hours. Using Pinewood’s Tech+ app, Technicians can see a personalised planner – including scheduled start and completion times for jobs, what’s required, and highlighting no-shows. In doing so, they’re more prepared for the day, utilise their time better, and are more productive.

Take secure payments in seconds

Most systems can offer various payment types – from integrated finance plans to wireless card machines. Now, retailers also have the option of open banking. It’s fast, secure, and protects both the dealer and customer, reducing the risks of bank transfers.

Pinewood is integrated with Vyne’s open banking platform – building on their award-winning digital journey. Briggs comments –

“We recognise the importance of providing a low-cost, simple, and secure payment solution for dealers. Vyne’s open banking software removes the hassle of sharing bank details or personal data. The integration with Pinewood DMS means dealers can be confident when requesting payments for vehicle sales or service work, enhancing our digital offering.”

Payments are requested and approved in three simple clicks, and the dealer is notified immediately when complete. As result, this streamlines handovers, relieves pressure on service advisors, and provides transparency of payments.

Streamline VHCs with eSignatures

Dealers can boost efficiency by digitalising VHC processes – freeing up time for Technicians to fit more into their day. By asking service customers to pre-authorise VHC work with an eSignature, Technicians can get started on jobs immediately – removing the need to discuss requirements and getting cars on the ramp quicker – improving workshop productivity.

Offer finance plans for service work to boost upsell

With the cost of living rising, car owners are more likely to delay additional work, ultimately impacting dealer profits. Service teams can soften the blow for customers by offering affordable finance plans and splitting costs into monthly repayments, which can also encourage upsell. As explained by David Haskey, Group Aftersales Manager at Thurlow Nunn

“Pinewood’s Bumper integration has been a huge step forward in our VHC offering and has received excellent feedback from our customers. The facility is seamless and as a result, supports productivity across our busy service operations.”

Make audits easy and keep your team informed

Adopting an all-in-one DMS with a live central database is a great way to improve communication between service team members.

In Pinewood DMS, Technicians can record digital notes on each operation in the Tech+ app. This eliminates the need for paper job cards and improves workflows, as all write-ups are instantly accessible in the DMS. Making audits easier to handle, as explained by Gavin Crolla, Divisional Warranty Leader at Mercedes Benz Leeds –

“We have a permanent digital history of write-ups, neatly archived against job numbers in the DMS. It meets our audit standards with name and date stamps so we don’t need to worry that warranty claims will be rejected. Information can be reviewed forever more and massively reduces our paper usage.” 

Convert more upsell opportunities

Dealers should personalise their email follow-ups to convert more aftersales opportunities.

In Pinewood DMS, dealers can customise their contact plans, adding multiple follow-up templates for each reminder type. This includes service reminders, upcoming MOTs, or warranty expiries. Differentiating each reminder boosts the relevancy and takeup, keeping customers more engaged. It’s a quick win, leading to higher response rates and extra profits!


To boost workshop profits, dealers must be proactive in using the latest tools and updates to digitalise their service journey. Those who fail to continually modernise and adapt processes will hinder their revenue-generation potential. This is key with more customers now favouring an omnichannel experience. It’s essential for dealers to be forward-thinking – especially as some systems offer many new tools as standard. As result, the cost to the dealers is minimal. With significant potential for returns, it’s essential that dealers take action.

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