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Improve customer response times to videos by using two-way SMS

Time-dependent tasks, such as approving identified work following a VHC, can be carried out sooner reducing time wasted in the Workshop.

Sending a SMS to a customer may get more attention than an email. Pinnacle now allows Dealers to send VHC & Sales videos via SMS and email, speeding up responses to time-dependent tasks such as identified work approvals from Workshop VHCs.

Customers can respond by SMS or email and this is added to the customer record, the quicker the response from the customers the sooner the work can be carried out, optimising technician’s time and maximising workshop efficiency.

Customer records that hold both mobile and email details provide the option to send to either or both, increasing the chances of a quicker response. Both methods deliver the same user experience ensuring that all future customer feedback is not negatively dependent on the sending method.

This change, featured as part of the 9th free release update so far in 2016, is in line with Pinewood’s long term plan of providing users with as many avenues to increase dealer profitability potential, improved customer experiences and greater process efficiencies.

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