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Licence Link provides Real Time licence checking

New quick-response checking set to help businesses improve operational efficiencies

Licence Link has added a new feature for fleet managers to use, adding to the growing list of benefits that the solution has to offer. There is now the ability to carry out real time driving licence checks, meaning no more waiting around for the vital information that you need to successfully manage your fleet.

As the paper counterpart to driving licences will very soon be a thing of the past, this puts pressure on the actual licence checking process. The paper counterpart, which was over relied upon, will no longer serve as an initial indicator to the level of endorsements a driver has. This means that fleet managers must adapt the way that they keep on top of what is going on within their fleet, in order to ensure that they are following all legal requirements.

Current systems take time to retrieve the relevant information about drivers, but real time checking cuts the waiting time, allowing fleet management to be more efficient. The new functionality adds the benefit of being able to check a driver’s licence when the check is urgently required. For all non urgent enquiries, existing Licence Link checking routines are still supported.

Licence Link allows you to check your drivers via your specified frequency to manage your driver risk effectively; higher risk drivers can be checked more often than lower risk drivers. Drivers also give 3 years consent, meaning during that period you can check their licence as and when it is required. The Licence Link team have worked closely with the DVLA, ensuring that the correct standards have been met and that the software works in the most effective way.

Neville Briggs, Managing Director, says ‘We have designed this feature with the fleet manager in mind. We want to help companies make their processes as efficient as possible, meaning that more time can be spent on other business critical activities.’
Real time checking of licences creates a process that will increase fleet efficiency, and is a step in the right direction as licence checking becomes increasingly reliant on a digital format.

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