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LinkedIn ‘mentions’ will create positive-endorsement culture from well-connected professionals

If your brand is not currently active on LinkedIn it might be worth considering whether your competition is being positively endorsed

The new feature will function in a similar way to Twitter @ handles and Facebook mentions, whereby the individual will begin typing the individual or company name in the status update or homepage comment field. A drop-down mention will provide a list of refined options for selection. When posted, the status update or comment will reference the selected company – as a link, and we expect as an alert to the Company Page admin.

Angela Yang of LinkedIn stated that the changes would “make it even easier for you to start those conversations, share knowledge with one another and ultimately become even better at what you do“.

The focus of the announcement is on individual use and mentions, stating that it is limited to first-degree connections (those who you are directly connected to) and those who have commented in a related thread (those who are part of the same conversation as you). If this is true of company mentions, it would be safe to assume that the individual must be connected to a company in some way, unlike Twitter referencing.

With LinkedIn being a more professional tool we can potentially expect any mentions to be positive towards a company. If your brand is currently active, it may require some renewed focus over the next few months. If it is not, it might well be worth checking out if your competition are being endorsed heavily by well-connected professionals.

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