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New arrival of 4G phone networks set to boost motor dealer mobile activity

The arrival of new 4G mobile phone networks in the UK before the end of this year is set to provide a boost to the capabilities of dealer mobile web sites.

Dealer management software specialist Pinewood says that the technology – which can be up to seven times faster than existing 3G – will allow dealers to add a range of additional services, notably much improved video performance.

Managing director Neville Briggs said: “While the roll-out of 4G is likely to take some time and users will need new smartphones to access the networks, we expect dealers to soon start taking advantage of the added speed available.

“At the most basic level, this could mean video footage of every used car in your inventory on your mobile web site. At another, it will mean a technician could ‘walk’ a customer around a problem with their car while it is in the workshop. This could be done live or sent as a recorded video message.

“Similarly, it opens up new marketing opportunities. Many dealers now text customers on a regular basis with information and special offers and this could be upgraded to video – for example, a sneak preview of a model that you are launching at a special event in a month’s time?

Briggs added that dealers were really only just beginning to take advantage of the possibilities of smartphones.

He said: “Forty per cent of adults own a smartphone and the same percentage say that it is their main way of accessing the internet. The benefits of 4G will undoubtedly increase this user base and also let them do more with their phones.

“Really, the term ‘smartphone’ is a misnomer. The device is a computer in your pocket that happens to be able to make phone calls and there is potential for them to be used to do much more than at present, especially with increased speed.

“We expect dealers to start doing taking greater advantage of smartphone technology over the coming months and years to create and maximize business opportunities?

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