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New single screen view gives dealers snapshot of their entire workshop

A new single screen view has been added to Pinewood’s Pinnacle dealer management software enabling dealers to see a real-time snapshot of progress across their entire workshop

The Job Status Report provides workshop managers with a traffic light based visual of the status of all the vehicles and service and repair jobs currently underway.

Provided free of charge, the report then allows workshop managers to drill down to a wide range of job, customer or vehicle related information, freeing up service advisor time.

Neville Briggs, managing director, said: “The screen means managers can access and assimilate a complete picture of their current workshop activity in a matter of seconds. Just by looking at the red and orange areas, they can direct management attention to where it is needed, if it all.

The single screen also allows two way texting “conversations” to be monitored between workshop and customers.

This means, for example, that workshop staff could send a text to ask a customer if they wanted to replace a badly worn tyre that had been identified through a Vehicle Health Check, then receive the SMS reply straight back into the job record.

Briggs added: “This is a useful enhancement that helps dealers to create improved customer service levels and will also potentially help dealers to generate more revenue.”

Because Pinnacle is hosted for dealers on a cloud computing basis, an update including the new Job Status Report has already taken place across the company’s entire user base with no need for dealers to take any additional action.

Briggs explained: “Dealers continue to face difficult trading conditions during 2012 and being able to regularly provide new features such as this provides a genuine business advantage.

“We have, so far, issued 16 separate updates this year. Some have contained a number of useful detail changes while others have been more substantial in terms of adding to the capabilities of the system. However, taken as a whole, they all potentially help to add to the dealer’s bottom line.”

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