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New Windows versions of Host+ and Tech+ apps released

Pinewood release new versions of much-loved Showroom and Workshop apps to utilise the best of Microsoft native-technology

Neville Briggs, Managing Director said, “We introduced iOS versions of the apps some years ago and they have become an integral part of day to day dealership operations. We took the decision to move these apps forward and make the most out of the newer generation Microsoft-based devices that have much greater computing capabilities.”

Pinnacle Host+ has been designed as an alternative approach to meeting and greeting customers, helps streamline the customer experience by providing a more personal service when completing routine tasks such as updating customer details, understanding vehicle requirements, CSI responses, or even social media content. Beyond these primary tasks Host+ also provides capabilities for vehicle appraisals, in-app video recording, and a full historic view of the customer. The overriding aim of the app is to untether Showroom personnel from their desktop PCs and be more interactive with anyone visiting the site.

Pinnacle Tech+ has been designed to support Workshop technicians in improving their efficiency and increasing customer transparency. The app allows for clocking in/out of jobs, conversational notes on WIP, in-app video recording to compliment the electronic vehicle health checks, through to tyre selection from a digital catalogue. Tech+ is at the centre of the Workshop and feeds through to customer-focused communications, such as the VHC process: sending automated VHC emails with video demonstrations, costing breakdowns and accepting identified work.

Briggs said “The apps have been completely re-designed and re-engineered from the ground up, and the speed of access is phenomenal. Those who have started using the app in pilots have enjoyed a task-focused solution that enables them to focus on their relationship above everything else.”

“Beyond their stronger specifications, Windows-driven devices cost significantly less than their Apple counterparts. A Linx tablet, for example, retails at around a third of the price of a similar sized iPad. Some might also argue they are a little more robust as a business device, and less likely to break.”

Both Host+ and Tech+ apps are available to download from the Windows Store free of charge.

Briggs concluded “we have pursued a successful development strategy in partnership with Microsoft for many years, and are one of the most accredited partners in the UK, if not globally, which enables us to deliver the highest quality solution in the most applicable way – all with the objective to improve dealer profitability and customer experience”.

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