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Back in business! It's great to see so many dealers opening their showroom doors again.
It's been incredible to see how quickly everyone's adapted in the past year with new digital tools and ways of working. We wish you all the best of luck, it's onwards and upwards from here! 🏁

Convenience is key. Make it easy for your customers to sign their paperwork from home - saving them the hassle of driving into the dealership for a two minute task.

Discover Adobe eSign and our zero touch tools:

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Feeling the effects of last year's MOT holiday? If your technicians have spare time on their hands, there are several ways you can boost service and MOT bookings in Pinewood DMS, right away! πŸ› 

Get in touch to see a rise in workshop revenue:

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From cluttered compounds to crisp skylines - our new background replacement tool makes it easier to showcase your vehicle stock online. πŸ“Έ

Take high quality pictures, replace the background, and upload to your website in no-time, all in the Stock+ app.
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Which model is your DMS? See why we think built-in is the better option and hear what our customers have to say:

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Why respond to enquiries with an easy-to-miss email when you could wow customers with a personalised video tour of the car?
πŸ’₯ Highlight the best bits
πŸ’₯ Add branded intro/ outro clips
πŸ’₯ Convenient & contact-free
πŸ’₯ Record in Stock+ and respond in moments
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