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Nine new placements get set for an exciting year at Pinewood

Pinewood Technologies has welcomed its latest cohort of placement students – eager to begin their action-packed year with the leading dealer software business. Placements will receive the training and experience needed to fast-track their journey to becoming a DMS expert. Charlotte Bott, HR Advisor at Pinewood explains:

“The placements will be trusted with real projects throughout the year. Our business students could be tackling anything from managing customer queries to heading out on implementations. Our Computer Science students will be working on new features and updates for the DMS, under the guidance of our Seniors – many having been through the scheme themselves.” 

38% of Pinewood’s workforce have joined the business through early career schemes – including placements, graduates, and apprentices. It has been a key driver of their global growth. Welcoming back talented individuals who know the product, industry, and business goals, has helped to fuel Pinewood’s expansion into new markets, whilst ensuring the DMS is always moving forward.

This year, seven graduates will be returning to Pinewood, including Kieran who recently re-joined as a Developer:

“Entering the world of professional work can be daunting, so having already secured a job I knew I loved whilst completing my final year of university was a great source of relief and excitement!”

Previous returners are successfully managing relations with leading automotive manufacturers, taking on key project management roles, and actively developing new digital features to support Pinewood’s omnichannel offering.

“Our placement scheme has been 10 years in the making. We are constantly adapting the projects and learning paths to give students the best experience. With the support of our dedicated team of mentors and Placement Achievement Plan, we’ve seen students shine – both during the scheme and throughout their careers with us. In fact, two out of our three Leaders’ Choice Winners for Q2, 2023 – nominated by our directors for their outstanding performance and contribution to the business – joined through our placement programme!” – explains Bott.

What really gives it the edge is that everyone has a vested interest in seeing our placements succeed. Plus, the students gain real-world experience with the opportunity to secure a job offer. The placement scheme has been hugely valuable for Pinewood since it began a decade ago. It will continue to breathe new talent and fresh perspectives into the business for years to come.

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