Manufacturer Integration

We work with over 50 manufacturers


Commercial Vehicles


Fiat comm

We make a wide range of time-saving manufacturer integrations

Vehicle Sales

  • Internet enquiries
  • Test drives
  • Online vehicle stock
  • Funding
  • Sales quotes
  • Orders
  • Price lists
  • Order status
  • Invoicing
  • CRM data
  • Sales activities
  • Importer follow-ups and registrations


  • Franchise prices
  • Orders
  • Replenishment
  • EPC
  • Dispatch notes
  • Barcodes
  • Hub and spoke distribution
  • Parts availability and requests
  • Webshop


  • Recalls
  • Service contracts
  • Menu pricing
  • Key reader
  • Operation codes
  • Times
  • Activity data
  • Technical information systems
  • Importer/retailer warranty claim management


  • Warranty SBI payments
  • Parts invoicing
  • Monthly accounts data
  • Receipt matching
  • Documents

Integration is much more than compliancy

Our dedicated Manufacturer Integration team work continuously at developing the latest integrations and specification changes to manufacturer systems. Through a series of close working relationships, we pride ourselves as being recognised by key manufacturers as leaders in co-creation of process workflows. We are often able to be at the forefront of mapping out how new standards will be interpreted through software to help deliver the strongest solution for all parties involved. This mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge has helped us offer franchise specific solutions to market quickly and fully compliant.

Working closely with other product development teams, our integrations are always constructed to positively impact relevant parts of our solution. Their integration approaches are designed to improve the entire related process. New manufacturer standards are often an opportunity to revisit the entire departmental process, changing and tweaking for incremental gains, and helping to continuously evolve how dealerships work.

Bringing more to Pinewood DMS

We have years of experience developing strategic and operational partnerships to help deliver the maximum value in Pinewood DMS. In addition to extensive manufacturer specific integration, Pinewood DMS can offer many integrated features to retailers designed to make your business run more efficiently.

The below UK service Partners have been selected to help us deliver a complete system experience within Pinewood DMS, and ultimately deliver process efficiencies for our customers.

CAP Logo

Data to manage risk and increase profit

“Trusted by motor trade professionals for more than 30 years, you can be sure our accurate pricing and technical information is the best that there is”

Supplier of vehicle verification data

“…offering a huge breadth and depth of data and insight, on everything from vehicle information to market trends”

Glass's Logo

Supplier of vehicle verification data

“…provide data, insight, intelligence and solutions at every stage of a vehicle’s lifecycle from design to disposal”

AUTOi Logo

Digital vehicle appraisals

“…created a system that puts detail, transparency and auditability into one of the most fundamental parts of automotive retailing.”

Royal Mail Logo

Accurate National Postcode Lookup service

“…latest, most accurate UK address data at your disposal. It can save you time and money, and enhance your brand experience.”

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