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Pebley Beach achieve class-leading service levels with Hyundai and Pinewood

Hyundai and Suzuki dealer, Pebley Beach, has devoted the past two decades towards building a class-leading customer experience proposition. Recently, they have worked with Pinewood DMS and Hyundai to develop integrations to improve efficiency.

Dominic Threlfall, Managing Director of Pebley Beach explains: “I have worked closely with both my manufacturer partners and also with Pinewood, to integrate with Pinewood DMS more and more.” Sharing his expertise has helped facilitate the implementation of Hyundai 360 integration, with the benefit of maximising aftersales service quality.

Collaborating with Hyundai – and soon with Suzuki – to develop new integrations with Pinewood DMS, brings invaluable benefits to Pebley Beach. Dominic enthuses: “It streamlines our business, it saves us resources, it enables me control.”

“We have to be class-leading and the only way of doing that is having a system like Pinewood DMS…it’s a one view system…it does everything you need as a DMS.” Having a system that provides a ‘Single Customer View’ has provided transparency across the business for Dominic, with Pinewood DMS highlighting profit opportunities, identifying areas for improvement and driving efficiencies.

“The cost saving is massive. You just take one employee, that’s £20,000. We’re probably 2 or 3 members of staff lighter than most other dealerships. Other dealers often have a lot more resource…and you can see why, because they are using these different systems.”

Dominic prides his business on having achieved a “five-year retention of almost 70%…almost unheard of in a mainstream brand like Hyundai or Suzuki.” As the number of dealerships continues to consolidate, building an outstanding service proposition is increasingly important, helping to develop long-term relationships with customers.

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