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Promoted posts provide dealers with greater social media opportunities

A new advertising based service introduced by Facebook provides dealers with a cost-effective route to engaging potential customers, says dealer management software specialist Pinewood

“Promoted posts”? allow dealers to boost their regular content delivery and ensure it is seen by more of their fans with spending only comparatively small amounts in advertising.

Typically, promoted posts appear on a dealer’s fan newsfeed at any point over a three day period instead of normal posts which are specifically shown at the time of posting. The new method substantially increases the opportunity of the content being read, liked, shared and commented upon.

With promoted posts come challenges and opportunities regarding content, says Pinewood marketing executive Chris Caines said: “These posts help dealers to focus on a prime objective of social media channels – increasing engagement.

“They are especially effective at reigniting interaction with fans who have ‘liked’ your page but have a historically low level of engagement. In many cases, the post will generate a fan ‘like’ or comment on your post, which is seen by their friends, liked in turn, seen by more, liked again, and so on.”?

Caines explained that the key to making the most of promoted posts was to ensure that the post message was right.

He explained: “Promoting poor content is wasteful on your budget and will dramatically lessen the chances of achieving measurable social media results. However, if you get the content right, you may see a conversion rate in terms of ‘likes’ or comments on the post that could easily run at three to five times more than your normal, non-promoted posts.”?

Caines added that content should also be created in the knowledge that the promotion will last three days.

He said: “Inevitable ‘time decay’ will occur regardless of the post but you should avoid time sensitive posts. For example, a post of ‘we have a great deal on this used car’ might be irrelevant in two days’ time if the car is sold, leading to potential disappointment and irrelevance.”?

However, while promoted posts could be highly effective and low cost, Caines issued a warning on expected results.

He said: “This activity will specifically generate post likes, comments and shares as opposed to fan page likes. The stronger the content the more likely the conversion to a greater fan base on your page. Understanding this in the first instance will ensure you do not overestimate likely results.”?

Pinewood added a free Facebook integration tool to its Pinnacle DMS in January. This plug-in can be added to each dealer’s company fan page so that their social audience are able to easily view used vehicle stock, with all inbound enquiries appearing instantly in Pinewood’s Pinnacle DMS.

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