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Real value of integrated DMS functionality – core features delivering profitability

Profitability becomes much easier when you partner with a DMS that gives you the tools your dealership needs

Benefits of core DMS functionality

We’d all agree that manufacturer-fitted Sat Nav with Bluetooth integration is better than sticking a retrofit device in the windscreen and a headset plugged into your ear. The same applies to DMS.

Third-party functionality only serves a purpose when your DMS is failing to provide you with the right tools to serve the demands of your customer. But they’re not joined up. They simply work on their own.

Imagine everything working as one – in your DMS. Pinnacle customers experience this every day in their dealerships. It’s not just joined up functionality, it’s joined up thinking.

Here are three of the benefits native DMS functionality provides:

  • Cost Saving
    We are focused on dealer profitability. Simply put, Pinnacle provides much of the functionality other DMS systems lack – and we do this free of charge. If you’re using third-party add-ons it is because your DMS isn’t providing them. Pinnacle users avoid these additional costs as we provide them free of charge and fully integrated.
  • Visibility
    Pinnacle boasts a single database, with users being able to access data across the entire system. Your Workshop Manager can view recent CSI scores in the same way as a Sales Executive can – so they can manage customer expectations carefully and are able to ensure a high level of customer service is delivered. Non-integrated systems cannot provide this real-time visibility.
  • Future Innovations
    Two years ago we released our integrated CSI functionality. One month ago we released our new iPad app and joined elements together to give a “meeter greeter” the latest CSI scores in their hands. Our integrated approach allows us to make these links between different aspects of the system, and new tools, without limitations. Data can be used in multiple ways in the future.

Your data-rich dealership

Information is power – the power to improve your competitiveness and focus on processes. If you’d like to find out how your dealership can benefit from using Pinnacle, please view the Pinnacle highlights section of our website.

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