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Record car sales expected this weekend

Over 400 pairs of lucky ‘Dealing Socks’ were given away at Car Dealer Conference and Expo 2015, and are set to help dealers across the UK sell, sell, sell


This week we exhibited at the Car Dealer Conference and Exhibition at Silverstone with over 1,500 representatives across our industry. We met with multiple manufacturers representing volume through to prestige brands, and a wide range of dealerships of all shapes and sizes, all interested in how software solutions can improve dealer profitability, customer service and process efficiencies.

At the event we gave away a unique event gift, a pair of Dealing Socks, to celebrate the popular social media meme. Over 400 lucky recipients managed to grab a pair, and the response was great. If you did manage to get some stripy socks, well done, and good luck this weekend on coping with closing more deals! Put your socks on, and go close that sale.

Since we gave these away we’ve had numerous email enquiries and social media messages asking if we have any spare socks. We haven’t. They sadly missed out.

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