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“Relevance and Timing” to drive business results from Twitter

Dealers need their Twitter activity to be based on “relevance and timing” if they are to use the social media channel to drive business results.

Dealer management software specialist Pinewood says that success will come from carefully matching the content of tweets to customer and business needs, and then by sending them at a time when they are most likely to be read.

Pinewood marketing executive Chris Caines said: “From our contact with dealers, we can see that their use of Twitter is generally increasing and that it appears to be helping in areas such as customer retention.

“However, there are some common mistakes made in dealer use of Twitter. These aren’t unique to the motor industry and can be tackled with a little thought. Like any kind of marketing message, Twitter is about getting the content right for the medium. It is all about relevance and timing.

“A strong opportunity exists for dealers to tweet relevant content to their followers in order to deliver better business results. Thinking smarter about your approach will deliver better results from your social media activity without the need for additional time, effort or resources.

Chris makes three main recommendations:

1. Make your tweets more relevant

This is the key to Twitter success. Tweets should be aimed directly at your followers and their interests. Chris says that dealers are fortunate to have access to an array of relevant content provided by sources such as manufacturers, press and the motorsport community.

He said: “Your followers have followed your business because they are interested in its products and services, not because they want to know what you had for breakfast or your thoughts on the weather. Dealer tweeting can be fun but should be thoughtful and professional in tone and should always have a direct relevance to your business.

2. It’s all about timing

Twitter feeds update constantly and you only need to be following a couple of hundred people for your feed to move forward faster than it could ever feasibly be read. Therefore, you need to tweet when most of your followers will be online in order to maximise the chances of the message actually being read. Chris says: “Tools such as allow you to see when most of your followers are around. Also, it is important to space out your messages. Don’t send half a dozen in an hour. Again, online tools such as are available to help you send tweets on a scheduled basis.

3. Make sure your re tweets are interesting

Re-tweeting interesting tweets that include links are a key part of Twitter success – it allows you to share and spread information on a community basis. However, too much re-tweeting is done without actually reading the content of the link thoroughly. Chris said: “There is often a gap between the tweet and the content of the link, so you must read anything you retweet thoroughly. Some tweeters repeatedly send spam to their followers because they have failed to do this.

“Adopt the mindset of a customer. They don’t think ‘I must tweet something today because I haven’t done so for 24 hours’ – they tweet and retweet when they need to and always keep it interesting for their network of friends.

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