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Social media isn’t just for kids, 80% of 50-75 year olds regularly use social networks

A new survey, released today, adds further weight to an ever increasingly reported trend – that more and more mature web users are switching onto social media networks.

McAfee’s Fifty Plus Booms Online study reported that 80% of 50-75 year olds regularly use social networks. The study, predominantly focusing on the security aspect of over 50s online use, announced that this age demographic overshare key information which could put them in danger of being a victim of financial fraud, identity theft and other criminal activity.

Chris Caines, Pinewood Marketing Executive said “this report highlights and reminds dealers of two key aspects of their brand’s social media use – know your audience, and maintain safe social standards to help the user.”

He continued, “many brands still wrongly consider social media as ‘the new big thing’ and that it’s ‘kids using Facebook’, when in reality the landscape is completely different.”

This social norm transition has been seen before. Those 30-somethings getting their first mobile phone in the 1990s are now the 50-somethings using social media. Pinnacle DMS is helping support this transition by providing free-of-charge socially enabled tools to dealerships, including Social CRM, Facebook Used Stock App and more recently a native video solution.

“Your tone and the content of your social conversation needs to consider every single prospect and customer, young and old, as failing to do so might well distance them from your dealership”, Caines continued.

Additionally, the study serves as a reminder that online data protection is incredible important in an ever increasingly digital world. In the McAfee study it was noted that 52% of respondents have shared their email address, 27% their mobile phone number and 26% their home address on social networks.

Caines said, “Although data security responsibility falls with the individual, a dealership can help avoid situations where data might be divulged. The art of this is knowing when to take the conversation offline, and away from the social network. Do not ask a customer to tweet their phone number so you can call them to handle their complaint – as them to send you a direct message, and speak privately online”.

Pinewood continues to provide free-of-charge bi-weekly updates to Pinnacle DMS to ensure that dealerships are using an industry-leading system that provides the latest tools to serve the needs of the modern customer.

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