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Facebook remains the clear social channel of choice in the UK

A recent report by eMarketer suggests that Facebook reigns unchallenged as the leading social network of choice in the UK, accounting for more than 9 out of 10 social network users.

In 2012 it was estimated that 28.3 million of us logged on regularly to use Facebook – the same number as Italy and Spain combined. Social media penetration across the entire population appears to be plateauing around the 50% mark. This figure covers all social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, etc. which in comparison makes a small mark in our choice of social channel.

Chris Caines, Marketing Executive at Pinewood said, “it’s clear that a large portion of the population who are connected are using Facebook. Dealerships exploring these social network opportunities are likely to benefit from adding this digital touch point into their multichannel approach to a smarter way of marketing”.

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Changing how DMS is used forever

Industry first from Pinewood gives dealers the ability to actively enhance their social strategy directly within Pinnacle DMS

To mark their 24th Free feature release of this year so far, Pinewood have provided dealerships with a CRM module that has a stronger focus on customers use of social networking, and the benefits this could bring to the activity of the dealership.

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“Relevance and Timing” to drive business results from Twitter

Dealers need their Twitter activity to be based on “relevance and timing” if they are to use the social media channel to drive business results.

Dealer management software specialist Pinewood says that success will come from carefully matching the content of tweets to customer and business needs, and then by sending them at a time when they are most likely to be read.

Pinewood marketing executive Chris Caines said: “From our contact with dealers, we can see that their use of Twitter is generally increasing and that it appears to be helping in areas such as customer retention.

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Promoted posts provide dealers with greater social media opportunities

A new advertising based service introduced by Facebook provides dealers with a cost-effective route to engaging potential customers, says dealer management software specialist Pinewood

“Promoted posts”? allow dealers to boost their regular content delivery and ensure it is seen by more of their fans with spending only comparatively small amounts in advertising.

Typically, promoted posts appear on a dealer’s fan newsfeed at any point over a three day period instead of normal posts which are specifically shown at the time of posting. The new method substantially increases the opportunity of the content being read, liked, shared and commented upon.

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New changes make Facebook more dealer friendly

Changes to Facebook just announced make the social network easier and more effective to use for dealers, says dealer management software specialist Pinewood

Added functionality allows dealers to schedule status and content updates on their pages in advance. By simply clicking on the clock symbol and setting a future time, dealers will be able to plan communications in advance.

Additional functionality has been also added to the administration controls, allowing various access rights or roles to be granted for different users such as manager, content creator, moderator and advertiser. This makes defining the responsibilities of administering the page across different job roles within a dealership much easier.

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Pinewood issues new dealer guidance on social media problems

New guidance for dealers on how to handle “problem” social media comments has been issued by dealer management software specialist Pinewood.

The company says that, in its dialogues with dealers, the prospect of how to deal with unwanted comments is the one that makes dealers most wary of social media.

Pinewood marketing executive Chris Caines said: “Many dealers are, quite naturally, worried about what might be said about their products and services on the kind of open, sometimes anonymous, forums that social media provides.

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