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Updated Pinewood iPad app designed to improve customer experience

Manufacturers and franchise dealers could be set to embrace online channels for aftersales as a means to increase both sales and brand awareness.

Introduced last August, the iPad app allows dealers to access key customer information stored on their Pinewood Pinnacle dealer management system without having to sit down at a desktop PC or laptop, creating a new level of freedom.

The new version improves the way in which the app handles the customer greeting and check-in process at a dealership, creating a much stronger impression during each visit.

eville Briggs, managing director at Pinewood, said: “The app lets service personnel enter a customer’s registration number into their iPad as soon as they drive onto the forecourt so that by the time they have stepped out of the vehicle, they know the customer’s name and can greet them at the door.

“It can even be used to access personalised information stored in the DMS such as the customer’s favoured daily newspaper and whether they have sugar in their tea or coffee.

“The enhanced version also now updates the service desk so that they know when a customer is on the premises. It all helps to create an impressively slick customer experience.”?

Briggs warned that customers now expected this level of interaction from all kinds of different retail environments.

He said: “The Pinnacle iPad app might help to provide customers with an experience that is almost unique in terms of visiting a dealership but it is important to remember that this technology is far from unusual in general terms.

“Certainly, our view is that dealers should be putting this level of customer experience in place as a minimum standard within a relatively short space of time if they are to compete with the professionalism seen in many other retail environments.”?

The app can be downloaded simply by visiting the App Store from your iPad and searching using “Pinnacle Mobile.”?

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