Focused customer experience and maximising data value

Unlike other DMS systems, Pinewood DMS is designed to place the customer experience first, using the dealer processes to help complete the picture.

As customers become increasingly aware of their power as consumers, dealerships able to offer a high quality personal service supported by a solid CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy, will have a significant advantage over their competitors. Additionally, as manufacturers’ Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) results often directly impact financial performance, it is vital that customer relationship management is at the heart of your dealerships strategy.

Enquiry Management

Automatically create opportunities from website enquiries and assign to a salesperson | Sales performance reports


A robust sales tool to provide a seamless end-to-end sales journey, with powerful features to manage your lead generation and sales opportunities

Vehicle Matching

Search and offer group level stock with automated vehicle transfer process

Target Marketing

Powerful selection and reporting tool allows you to segment your database to build targeted marketing campaigns

Aftersales Retention

Automatically populated aftersales diary | Service reminders Parts ordered | Outstanding work | CSI follow up


Send SMS messages for VHC, reminders, follow-ups, notifications and manage the responses – visible in contact history

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