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Packing more innovation per pixel than any other DMS

Pinnacle works smarter than other systems, improving your dealership's profitability and helping to make your business shine. Below are some of the key reasons why dealers choose to start and continue using Pinnacle over other systems.
Host+ for Pinnacle


Integrated video processes allow you to continue to provide your customers with a high quality experience, such as a 360° tour of a used vehicle in stock, or visually identifying work required following a VHC check.
Social CRM

Social CRM

Facilitating closer customer connections Social CRM is a hub of customer related information enhanced by the addition of social information (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and customer profile pictures - all available at glance.

Workshop Planner

Improve Workshop throughput by easily planning the allocation of technician jobs across a single or multi-day view. Once organised, manage the planner throughout the day adjusting to any changes required, all from one single screen. Workshop planner allows you to manage customer problems sooner and complete jobs quicker.
CSI Email

CSI & Contact Plans

Create a full customer contact plan for the lifetime of the vehicle, from vehicle purchase, Workshop visits, latest CSI feedback, and much more to help improve customer loyalty and data-driven experience analysis.
Outlook Integration

Outlook Integration

Synchronised across devices, Outlook Integration allows for easy Diary Management and Email Management. With Pinnacle CRM you can have your contact diary information with you at all times.


Improve the service and repair experience associated with Workshop interactions through the use of our technician app, including video integration and technician time management.
Facebook Stock Feed

Facebook Integration

Push your used vehicle stock directly from Pinnacle to your Facebook fan page. All enquiries from listings are placed directly back into the Pinnacle Internet Leads ready for follow-up.
XML Stock Feeds

XML Stock Feeds

Automatically display Used Vehicle Stock information held in Pinnacle, such as mileage, condition, price, etc. and associated photos directly directly on your website.
Spend Mapping Highlights Image

Spend Mapping

Display a range of spend maps visually on an interactive Bing map. Vehicle Sales (also displaying retained customers), Parts Sales and Workshop Spend Maps give your dealership data rich reporting.
Vehicle Health Check Highlights Image

Vehicle Health Check

Fully integrated Vehicle Health Check system in Pinnacle with optional hand held device integration, removing the need for third party VHC systems and double entry keying.
Job Progress Highlights Image

Job Progress

Full Screen report displaying live activity within your Workshop. Split by traffic light colour coding, providing search capabilities, and more lets you effectively manage your Workshop.
SMS Highlights Image

SMS Integration

Quick and cost effective method of making contact with your customers and SMS responses ensure you always capture and can respond to any replies, all stored against the customer.

Wholesale Funding

Reduce wholesale funding charges, experience better stock accuracy and increased flexibility.

Card Payments (Pay+)

Provide a modern and convenient customer experience with Pinnacle's built-in secure card payment processing feature.


Gain unique business insights from your live DMS data, so you can make effective leadership decisions and increase control.
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